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Research suggests that the vast majority of CHRONIC DISEASE is caused by DIET & LIFESTYLE factors.  These factors can be altered through BEHAVIORAL CHANGE.  

However, this type of change is not easy, nor is it effective with a nutritional protocol alone.  In fact, approximately 90% of people are unable to successfully apply recommended nutrition & health advice to their lives.

It takes consistency AND accountability to change health, habits, and lifestyles for the long haul.


That's why at Health Talk, I offer nutritional & lifestyle support using a holistic approach that focuses on Nutrition, Lifestyle & Strategic Planning for long-term success. My goal is to spark your craving for knowledge, to help you access your sense of purpose, to activate your vision and goals, and to help you live according to your core values. 

As your Personal Health Coach, I will champion you to success THROUGHOUT the process, encouraging you to become your own health advocate.


Ancestral Nutrition

"Let thy Food be thy Medicine"

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Health Talk Pillars

At Health Talk, I aim to create total health & wellness by addressing Three Foundational Pillars:  Nutrition, Lifestyle & Planning.  Each Pillar encompasses a variety of components that are addressed separately & collectively to bring balance to the whole person.  


Proper NUTRITION can reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, improve gut health, balance hormones & influence gene expression.  

LIFESTYLE planning explores how key issues like stress, sleep, activity, emotional triggers & the environment play a role in your health.  

Strategic PLANNING is needed to maintain long-term success. Topics include navigating the grocery store, properly stocking your kitchen, creating a weekly plan, preparing quick & healthy recipes, and manageable goal setting. 


Start Your Journey

Don't hesitate another moment when it comes to your health and quality of life.  I understand the many factors that interrupt the pursuit of health, but sometimes all you need is a coach and an ally to guide you down the path.  

I would love the opportunity to be that person for you!  Schedule your FREE mini coaching session with me today and let's get started on a fresh, new ADVENTURE!

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Health Talk Blog

Health Talk with Landon hopes to provide you with what's new on the health horizon, but in a way that's straight forward and conversational.  

Each article strives to approach these topics with a holistic and practical mindset, using the latest research and experimental evidence.  

There are some fun topics to explore as well, but all have the goal of improved health and well-being.


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