The 21-Day Challenge

a practical & step-by-step program to help reset your health and lifestyle.

Designed by author Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint and MarksDailyApple, The 21-Day Challenge is a practical, action-oriented guide that teaches you how to eat, exercise and live "primally". This program will jumpstart your health, empower your mind, and strengthen your body without making you feel deprived, anxious, or overwhelmed.

WHY PRIMAL NUTRITION?  Given that your genes are extremely sensitive to environmental influences, this holistic program, based on Paleo/Primal principles, focuses on daily practices that realign your body to promote optimal gene expression.  

WHY 21 DAYS?  According to Sission, "Twenty-one days represents a benchmark in the gene reprograming process, and, not coincidentally, is also believed by many experts to be the length of time required to eliminate old habits and replace them with new ones." 


understand your Health

Prior to starting the 21-Day Challenge, we will cover 8 Key Concepts covered in the 21-Day Total Body Transformation, which will help you succeed not only during this program, but for the months and years to come.  

These Key Concepts represent the important day-to-day elements of Primal Living, which include topics such as: 

  • Achieving optimal gene expression
  • Training your body to burn fat over carbohydrates
  • Your diet determines 80% of your body composition
  • Saturated fat and cholesterol are NOT your enemy
  • Exercise is an inefficient weight management tool

jumpstart your health

We will also discuss the 5 Action Steps you will implement to kick off the 21-Day Challenge and jumpstart your health.  

Your 5 Action Items also tackle nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.  Together we will do the following:

  • Eliminate SAD Foods (Standard American Diet) 
  • Learn to Shop, Cook & Dine Primally
  • Discuss the Healthiest Choices Across the Spectrum of Foods
  • Implement Regular Exercise - Move, Lift & Sprint
  • Learn to Slow Life Down!

The Actual challenge

After we have covered the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items together, you will embark on The 21-Day Challenge!  

Each day you will be challenged to implement a set of practices categorized as Diet, Exercise, or Lifestyle Challenges.  These will center around the principles of the Primal Lifestyle.

  • Eat real food (avoid sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, beans/legumes).
  • Align your carb intake with your weight goals and activity levels.
  • Move frequently at a slow pace: Get between 2-5 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise.
  • Lift heavy things: Conduct 1-3 brief, intense sessions of full-body functional movements.
  • Sprint: Go “all out” once a week.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Get 15 minutes of direct sun exposure each day.
  • Play! Find time to let go, disconnect, unwind and have fun each day.

The Daily journal

Additionally, the Daily Journal included in your guidebook is a wonderful way to review the day's challenges and how they affected your health, mindset, and life in general.  

You quickly evaluate the hardest and best parts of each challenge, make notes for improvements, highlights, and rate your satisfaction, hunger and daily energy levels.  

This a GREAT tool to evaluate your daily, as well as your overall experience!  And we will walk through these together.

At the end of each week, there is a Reflection Section to assess your overall progress and satisfaction, which we will discuss in our weekly QuickChat sessions.

If you signup for the 21 Day Coaching Package, versus the Video Package, you will also have access to "spot coaching" sessions as needed (read below for more information on 1:1 Coaching).



    Weekly Coaching Support

    As a part of the 1:1 Coaching Package, I will support you along the way, addressing any concerns, questions, and obstacles you may come across.  You will also receive the following:

    • Weekly QuickChats
    • Spot Coaching sessions
    • Live Pantry Purge session*
    • Live Kitchen Restock session*
    • Recipe/Cooking video demo*
    • The 21-Day Total Body Transformation book
    • Access to online Client Resource Page
    • Health Talk Recipe Pack
    • Primal Shopping List

    * Sessions will take place in person (based on location) or via Zoom


    Benefits of the 21-day challenge

    Many who have followed the 21-Day Challenge have reported the following benefits:

    • Elimination of sugar cravings & blood sugar stabilization
    • Recalibration of hormonal processes
    • Help with managing stress
    • Reversing mental & physical burnout
    • Elevated immune function
    • Higher energy levels
    • Better sleep practices
    • Weight loss
    • Increased muscle strength & tone
    • Reduction in prescription & OTC medications

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