The 21-Day Challenge

a Holistic, step-by-step program designed to reset your health.

This is my signature program that fully embodies the ideals, tools and resources utilized throughout the Health Talk Experience. This all-inclusive program helps clients target specific problem areas, set practical goals, and gain confidence in their health and healing process.

The challenge is action-oriented and streamlined, teaching you how to eat, exercise and live intuitively.  It will jumpstart your health, empower your mind, and strengthen your body without making you feel deprived, anxious, or overwhelmed.

This holistic program is based on a Mediterranean-Paleo food pyramid and an Ancestral lifestyle, which focuses on wholesome real foods and daily practices that realign your body and refresh your mind, and which also promotes optimal gene expression, minimizes inflammation, and reduces chronic stress.

In short, The 21-Day Challenge is about eating REAL FOOD, moving sensibly, and incorporating a lifestyle that will increase your vitality rather than deplete your energy.


What To Expect During This Challenge


The Framework

We will refer to two texts in preparation for and during the actual 21-Day Challenge. Mark Sisson’s 21-Day Total Body Transformation and Aviva Romm’s The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution both help set the tone for the entire challenge.

Examples of concepts covered during the Challenge include: 

  • How to achieve optimal gene expression.

  • Why your diet determines 80% of your body composition.

  • Why saturated fat and cholesterol are NOT the enemy.

  • Why exercise is NOT an efficient weight management tool.

  • The 5 Root Causes of Chronic Overwhelm & Stress

the Action Steps

We will work through various action steps to help kick off the 21-Day Challenge, as well as prepare you for a lifetime of health. These steps include:

  • Pantry Purge - Eliminate SAD Foods

  • Kitchen Restock - Learn to Shop, Cook & Dine ancestrally

  • Move, Lift & Sprint - Implement Regular Movement

  • Reboot, Reframe & Repair - Restore self-healing, calm your mind, heal your gut, boost immunity, support natural detoxification, and balance your hormones.

  • Recharge & Replenish - Nourish your body and slow life down!

The Challenge


After discussing the Framework, Concepts & Actions Steps, you will launch into the actual Challenge.

Each day you will be challenged to implement a set of practices categorized as Diet, Exercise, or Lifestyle Challenges. Challenges will include the following:

  • Eating nourishing foods and eliminating food triggers.

  • Moving frequently.

  • Getting 8 hours of sleep every night.

  • Finding time to relax, disconnect, unwind and have fun!

The Journal


Journaling your progress will be a key practice in your road to healing. A Daily Journal will be provided and is a wonderful way to review the day's challenges and how they affected your health, mindset, mood, and life in general.  

This a GREAT tool to evaluate your daily, as well as your overall experience!  It allows you to quickly evaluate the hardest and best parts of each challenge, make notes for improvements, and rate your satisfaction, hunger and daily energy levels.  

And as part of your 1:1 coaching, we will walk through these challenges and journal entries together.


Weekly Coaching Support


As a part of any 21-Day Challenge coaching package, you will have direct access to me for addressing concerns, questions, and obstacles you may encounter.  

As part of The Challenge, you will receive a combination of the following:

  • QuickTalk Sessions

  • All Add-On Sessions (Live or Video options)

  • QuickChats, or spot coaching via Voxer app

  • The 21-Day Total Body Transformation book

  • Access to Client Resource Portal (includes the Health Talk Recipe Pack, Shopping & Snack Lists, Exercise videos & more)

  • A 25% discount to the Health Talk Dispensary

* LIVE sessions take place in person or via video conference

Benefits of the challenge


Many who have followed the 21-Day Challenge have reported the following benefits:

  • Elimination of sugar cravings & blood sugar stabilization

  • Recalibration of hormonal processes

  • Help with managing stress

  • Reversing mental & physical burnout

  • Elevated immune function

  • Higher energy levels

  • Better sleep practices

  • Weight loss

  • Increased muscle strength & tone

  • Reduction in prescription & OTC medications

  • Reduced inflammation


Ready to Get Started?


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