The Best Way to Workout in 20 Minutes or Less

Work Out For 20 Minutes.jpeg

Did this catch your attention?  I bet it did!  Are you like so many others out there who honestly have no time to work out?  Are you like me who would do anything to get an awesome workout in without spending hours in a gym?  Or even just driving to the gym?  

If this is you (and even if it's not), STAY TUNED!!!  There is a way to get an killer workout, as well as the body to go along with it, without going out of your way - or even leaving your home!  Now, if you're one of those who do not enjoy exercise, please stay with me here!  You'll want to hear what I'm going to share!   

I have spent the last 30 years of my life looking for that perfect workout that would finally get my body in the shape I've desired for so long.  In the process I've had some successes and some failures, but no matter what, I was determined to press on.

I've been a runner, a lifter, a gym rat, and an aerobics queen - you name it, I've probably done it!  Finding time to exercise was has never been an issue for me, UNTIL...... I HAD 4 KIDS IN 5 YEARS TIME and just literally was unable to figure out how to squeeze one more thing in my day!!!!  

You feel me????

Without boring you with all the ways I tried to get back into working out during that time, I just say this -- It. Was. A. Struggle.  And I hated it!!!  Exercise has always been my release - my escape - my stress reliever.  So, you might be able to imagine how I was doing with four young kids in my house all day and no real way to release all my tension and stress!!!!!!

However, I did eventually find a way that has been INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL for me AND I don't even have to leave my house to do it.  I discovered it when we were staying at my brother's house for a month in 2015.  It's a little thing called YOUTUBE.  Ever heard of it???

Yeah, thought so.

Okay, don't leave me.... Stay. Focused.

YouTube has been a game-changer for me.  One night, I was just ancy and needed to move.  I don't know what possessed me, but I got on YT and looked up "leg workout".  Destiny and Fate came together in that moment and introduced me to one of my now favorite people - Rebecca Louise.  Ever heard of her?  Well, look her up because I promise, you'll love her too.  She's bubbly, fun, encouraging and she got me back in the groove for ten minutes a day.

Then, I started doing more videos - 15 minutes a day, then 20 minutes a day, then 30 minutes, and so on and so forth.  My kids grew to love Rebecca Louise as much as I did, and if they weren't working out with me, they knew NOT TO INTERRUPT MOMMA when she and Rebecca were hanging out.  This was such a win for all of us!!  It's FREE!!!  It's can be done ANYWHERE!  You can pick what you want to do that day and for how long.  IT'S. SO. FLEXIBLE.

Now, I stayed with Rebecca for almost two years, and then I started exploring other channels, such as PopSugar (aka FitSugar) and my newest favorite, Tone It Up.  All of these gals are awesome, exciting, fun, and get you in the shape you want.  I promise you - I'm in the best shape of my life and only workout about 20 to 30 minutes a day, and sometimes only 15 (depending on the day and the kids).

There are tons of other channels to choose from, but these gals (Rebecca, Anna, Katrina, and Karena) are my go-to girls!!  I love them like they're my sisters, and they brought me out of a 3-year workout slump, and I've never looked back.  

I'm almost 40 years old and now wear a size 2-4 (the majority of my life I have worn an 8-10).  Of course, my diet and nutrition is a huge part of this, but I know that the two components together have gotten me to this point, and I feel great!!!  I just get up at 5:30, turn on the tube (or the computer or phone or tablet), choose my workout, and GO!!!


Get on the Tube and check out these channels.  You won't regret it - and if you don't like my girls, find the ones who speak to you!!!!