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Why I chose NOT to be a Licensed Dietician

What's in a name? That is, what power and information do the credentials in our names really tell us?  Lately, well-known (and well-credentialed) practitioners have been turning the tide by either not renewing their licenses or by not accepting the status quo in the way the choose to practice. I chose NOT to become a Licensed Dietician (which meant foregoing some of their privileges) because I did not agree with their nutrition philosophy.  However, as the face of medicine (and nutrition) change, I'm not so sure my title (or lack thereof) really matters.  Clients are demanding a change, and sometimes this means dropping the names (literally) and making a statement.

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A Patient-Centered vs. A Disease-Centered Model

This idea of wellness embodies prevention at the most basic level, encouraging individuals to become active participants in their health journey by taking advantage of their inner resources and seeking balance with the world around them (1).  This is in stark comparison to the “magic bullet” mentality of modern medicine, which prescribes both preventative and treatment measures that can endorse a high-risk lifestyle despite its impinging consequences.  The idea of patient-centered and disease-centered models of care separates these two medical systems, though both aspire to offer successful therapeutic methods.

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