Coaching Sessions

It is most beneficial to do a series of coaching sessions to truly experience transformation and healing. Clients with the most success are those who commit to change, engage in a series of sessions, and utilize the resources provided. Therefore, I have created these packages for those who are truly committed to change.

Though each package offers a different level of coaching support, all packages include coaching and accountability in areas of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, as well as access to the Client Resource Portal, a Health Talk Dispensary discount, and QuickChats until the expiration of the purchased package.

Also, be sure to check out the Add-On Sessions for additional support and the The 21-Day Challenge for the full Health Talk Experience (see details below).


Starter Package

New Clients. Required for all new clients, this package allows us to unwrap your health story, discuss your goals, and create a personalized plan to fit your lifestyle and health needs.

Your Health Talk Plan will consider factors such as diet and meal planning, sleep, stress, exercise, supplementation, and any other potential factors that may contribute to your health.

The follow-up session is included to monitor progress, answer questions, and provide continued support.

Starter Package $150: Includes 60-minute Breakout Session, 30-minute follow-up session, and a 20% Health Talk Dispensary discount.

QuickTalk Packages

Established Clients. After completing your Starter Package, QuickTalk sessions serve to propel you forward in your health journey.

These packages help establish consistency, confidence and accountability as we continue to pursue your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle goals as part of your Health Talk Plan.

The number of appointments needed to achieve your goals may vary per person, and we will work together to determine which level of support suits your personal needs.

All packages include access to the Client Resource Portal and a 25% Health Talk Dispensary discount. Choose from the following:

Package A $100: Includes two 30-minute sessions.

Package B $150: Includes three 30-minute sessions.

Package C $300: Includes six 30-minute sessions.

Add-on sessions

Established Clients. The following options provide additional support, as well as an opportunity to apply what you have learned from you previous sessions. All of these add-ons are included at a discount in The 21-Day Challenge, should you want the full Health Talk experience (details below).

Live and pre-recorded video sessions available for non-local clients.

Pantry Purge: A personal visit to your home (or other predetermined location) to help you purge the SAD foods that may be lurking in your pantry. We will talk about nutrient-dense food options, how to read food labels, and how to simplify your shopping and nutrition experience. Nothing is dumped that you do not okay. $75 for an hour session.

Kitchen Restock: A guided tour through the grocery store to learn more about purchasing real, nutrient-dense foods, tips for shopping on a budget, picking safer produce, a lesson on food labels, and answers to questions that arise while shopping. $75 for an hour session.

In-Home Recipe Demo: A home visit to prepare a simple, nutrient-dense meal with you (and your family). Session times may vary, depending on the meal. $100 per session (groceries included).

Fitness Demo: An in-person coaching session demonstrating the four essential movements needed for any basic fitness program. We will also work together to create a program personalized for you and your lifestyle. $75 for an hour or $45 for half-hour session.

QuickTalk Session: These sessions are single coaching sessions which serve to move you forward in your health journey and can be scheduled on an “as-needed” basis. We will continue to discuss the diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits you are working to establish, as well as creating consistency and confidence in your efforts. $50 for half-hour session


** Please read the Terms, Policies & Waiver and The Coaching Agreement BEFORE committing to a coaching session or package. **

Want the Full Experience?

If your are looking for the FULL Health Talk experience to reset or jumpstart your health journey, Look No Further! The 21-Day Challenge is my signature coaching program which includes personalized health coaching, plus all the Add-ons and resources at a discounted price. Click below to learn more! For New and Established Clients.