Health Coaching

Where Talk Becomes Action!

Whether you're looking for a complete health transformation, a sustainable and effective way to lose weight, help overcoming a negative relationship with food, or strategies to get healthy food on the table each week, health coaching can help you achieve your goals!  

I specialize in Women's Health in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle, as well as Emotional Eating, Dieting Addictions and Negative Self-Talk.

I design personalized coaching plans that help women balance the demands of work, family, and their personal health. 

Using a holistic approach, I help women establish healthier habits through behavior and lifestyle modification, exploring how key issues such as diet, stress, sleep, emotions, environment and activity play a pivotal role in their health.  

After years of battling eating disorders and addictive diet patterns, I have a passion to help women overcome the mental and emotional blocks that frequently accompany low-self esteem, eating disorders, yo-yo dieting, and "mom guilt", using techniques such as Reframing and Journaling.

I also educate about the importance of self-care and how to implement these practices without overwhelming an already busy schedule, so women are equipped to take better care of themselves and others.

If this sounds like something that will help you become the best version of yourself, then read on to find out how Health Coaching works and then schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call with me today!


How It Works

Coaching Sessions

I offer virtual coaching sessions through video conferences and by phone in order to accommodate your busy schedule and to save you time and money.  

Enjoy your Health Talk Sessions with me from the comfort of your home, office space, or favorite cafe bar! 

Sessions last approximately 30 to 90 minutes (depending on content).  Follow-up notes, session highlights, and action steps for the next session will be provided.

* For local & established clients, coaching sessions may be available in person.


QuickChats are my signature “spot coaching” strategy that set me apart from other nutrition professionals.  

With the purchase of any Health Talk Package (details below), you will receive access to weekly checkins, motivational IMs, nutrition sound bytes, lifestyle inspiration, educational resources, and inside access to future group sessions and webinars.  

These tools provide daily encouragement, emotional support and accountability, and have proven to help my clients increase their success, reach their goals, and sustain their new lifestyle.



Getting Started


Free Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is the first step to becoming a Health Talk Client.  This is where you get to meet me and I get to meet you!  It's important to establish ahead of time whether we will be a good fit for each other so we can make the most of the coaching process.

This call gives you the opportunity to ask your questions about health coaching, my nutritional philosophy, as well as to share your health goals and concerns.  This is also where I can assess your wellness goals and readiness as a coaching client.

Using the answers from your Discovery Questionnaire (sent prior to the call), I will suggest some preliminary action steps and can help you determine what level of support might be best.

Since ACCOUNTABILITY is a primary reason people seek out health coaches, I may ask about your “commitment readiness” in order to determine if you are truly ready to reclaim your health and wellness.  I want to meet this expectation right from the beginning!  

However, there is NO commitment on your part (financially or otherwise) until we have both decided to move forward into a coaching relationship.  Ready to get started?

Book your FREE Discovery Call today!


The 21-Day Challenge

After the Discovery Call, new clients begin with a Breakout Session to unwrap their story, create their Health Talk Vision, and establish their preliminary action steps.  

Following the Breakout Session, clients will start The 21-Day Challenge to jump start their transformation.  This practical & holistic step-by-step program helps women to gain a fresh perspective on their health, recognizing unhealthy habits and replacing them with new life-giving practices.

Each day will present a new set of challenges in the areas of diet, exercise, and lifestyle to realign the body, mind, and spirit.

I will be there every step of the way, championing you to success and helping you stay accountable to your Health Talk Vision.  

Different levels of coaching support are available in three different Challenge Packages. Be sure to ask about these on your Discovery Call.

Books, Online Resources, Supplement Discounts & QuickChats included.


Health Talk Packages

After completing the 21-Day Challenge, coaching support can be continued through individual Health Talk Sessions or Health Talk Packages.

Individual sessions can be scheduled on an as-needed basis.  However, it may be more beneficial to do a series of coaching sessions to truly experience transformation and healing.

Clients with the most success are those who commit to change, engage in a series of scheduled sessions, receive regular support and accountability, and utilize the resources provided.  

Consistent coaching can effectively change your health, your habits and your life!  Therefore, I offer package deals at a discounted price for those who are truly committed to nutritional healing and lifestyle changes.  

Be sure to ask about the 3- and 6-month support packages during your Discovery Call.


** Please read the Terms, Policies & Waiver and The Coaching Agreement BEFORE committing to a coaching session or package. **