Love From Friends

Landon has helped me make a lifestyle change for the better! For the longest time, I felt stuck - addicted to the cycle of attempted weight loss and addicted to sugar. I was unhappy & unhealthy. Landon has taught me so much about nutrition and even more about whole body health, happiness and well-being.

For years, I felt powerless and had a ridiculously unhealthy relationship with food (binge eating, feelings of guilt, and trying more diets than I can count). But for the first time in a long time, I feel in control when it comes to what food I put in my body.

Through goal setting and envisioning the life I want to live, I’ve been able to control my sugar addiction, find healthy foods that I like & enjoy exercise. It’s not about a temporary fix or about dropping a few pounds to feel good for a moment, Landon has shown me that it’s about a lifestyle change. My mantra throughout this journey has been “every choice matters.”

Landon has responded to every text and every call & encouraged me constantly. She’s provided countless resources that have helped me make the choices I need to lead the healthy & happy life I want. If you want this life too, then Landon is your girl!
— Molly, Norman OK
When the redundancies of living a healthy lifestyle hits a plateau, Landon has always been able to find creative solutions to mix up my diet and activity levels that go beyond any book or degree. I have always been able to rely on her for coaching and support. You can tell she is truly motivated in helping those around her - not just by her words, but by her actions.
— Jacob, Norman OK
Landon has been a consistent source of encouragement to me for several years. One of my favorite things about her is that she never makes you feel guilty or bad about where you are in life. Instead, she listens, empathizes, asks questions, and encourages as she strives to educate or share her own experiences. Landon walks the walk - she doesn’t just give you advice; instead, she goes with you. Like all great coaches, she recognizes the abilities inside you (even ones you may not see) and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. I would recommend Landon to anyone looking for a fresh start or a new perspective on health and fitness.
— Bethany, Norman OK
I am so blessed that Landon has stepped into my life. She is a joy to be around and gives solid advice when needed. She spurs me on to better myself and has helped me grow in my walk with God. I enjoy all the recipes and exercise tips she has shared with me along the way.
— Stacey, Norman OK