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Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Primal Health Coach


Hi, I'm Landon Gilfillan, and long ago I discovered my passion for helping women overcome the pervasive self-destruction so many of us face when it comes to health, nutrition & the ability to love our bodies.

This realization developed through my own battles with eating disorders, dieting addictions, and a dangerously low self-esteem.  After breaking free from those chains and discovering the woman I was meant to be, my path to help other women see their inner and outer beauty became clear.

That journey and my passion for health, nutrition, and helping women led me to pursue Nutrition & Health Coaching as a career.  It is in this space that I am graciously given the opportunity to see each woman I encounter from the inside out & walk with them through their own journey of transformation.


Join The 21-Day Challenge

Are You Ready For A Change?

The 21-Day Challenge is a practical step-by-step program that helps women to eliminate unhealthy habits & get a fresh start on their health.  Each day presents a set of challenges in the areas of diet, exercise, and lifestyle which helps to realign the body, mind, & spirit.

During this transformational process, you will learn to escape today‚Äôs highly-processed modern diet, and adopt an eating strategy that will leave you feeling satisfied, empowered & strong.  

Through 1:1 coaching, I will teach you how to replace chronic exercise habits with an intuitive & fun blend of aerobic workouts, mobility & flexibility practices, & high-intensity strength workouts.  You will find this approach to be highly effective AND time-efficient!

This challenge will also help you slow life down, making time for the things you love, as well as heathy doses of sunlight, fresh air, and adequate sleep!  If you're looking for a fun, natural, and easy-to-maintain way to refresh your nutrition and lifestyle patterns, than Contact Me Today or click below to learn more about the program!


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Don't hesitate another moment when it comes to your health and quality of life! 

I understand the many factors that interrupt the pursuit of health, but sometimes all you need is an ally to guide you down the right path.  

I would love the opportunity to be that person for you!  Book your FREE Discovery Call with me today to see if Health Talk is the right fit for your fresh, new ADVENTURE!